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Ants are a nuisance in both homes and business premises. They can cause diseases and health risks in your home by contaminating your food. Ants can damage your property by forming colonies on the walls and ceilings, causing electrical wiring to malfunction.

Premises such as bars, restaurants, warehouses and hospitals that store food need to ensure high standards of hygiene for an ant free environment. The first step in eliminating an ant infestation is by identifying their species to understand their biology after which you can develop a strategy of controlling them

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A good exterminator uses nontoxic pesticides to kill the ant’s colony, eggs and the queen. It may be a slow method, but effective. It ensures that ants spread the pesticide throughout the colony and hopefully to the queen. The remaining ants then organize a new queen to start another colony. An ant exterminator uses an organic liquid pesticide to flood the nest and finish all the pests.

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Ant control strategy depends on the type of infestation and the type of ants in question. There are ants that live outside but forage inside and there are those that might already have a nest inside. With the use of a magnifying lens, you can be able to identify the type of ants in your home, whether they’re black or small ants.

With regards to ants that live outside, try as much as you can to seal the cracks and crevices they use to enter your home to block their passage. Clean identified entries to remove the chemical trail they follow and then spray non repellant residual insecticides such as Taurus SC at the entry points.

Ants that live inside the house include: argentine, crazy, pharaoh, thief and carpenter ants. Using ant baits is the most effective method of controlling such ants because they are safe for both children and pets. Trim trees not to have contact with your house, seal and paint exposed wood construction and eliminate soil contacts to avoid further infestation.

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Ant extermination is not just a profession but an art. Everyone can kill ants using sprays and a number of times people wonder what exterminators actually do. Killing visible ants is not the solution to ant infestations. There’s always a queen in ant nests with a lot of eggs that would soon be hatched into ants, hence their comeback in no time.

Ants are found everywhere all over the world. If infested with ants you can find a nearby ant exterminator service for effective ant control. Different species of ants infest different areas; for example, tiny black ants are mostly found in North America. Local exterminators are specialized in controlling local, native ants.

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