My Day in Keller TX

The owner of Keller Pest Control Pros visits the town!

Visiting Keller, Texas was one of the best vacations my family and I ever experienced. We went to so many beautiful locations while we stayed there. Everyday there was always something to do and somewhere to visit. During the first few days, we visited several amazing parks, like Bear Creek park, Johnson Road Park and Little Bear Creek Linear Park. Each of these parks were a great experience because they all offered a variety of play areas for the children. My children loved having several options on the playground.


We also enjoyed spending the day at Tornado Terry’s Family Amusement Center, where we got to have some good food and fun games. After the amusement center, we visited a large water park called The Keller Pointe. This place was truly amazing, as there was a variety of slides my family and I got to experience. They also have waterfall spouts for smaller children to play on. In addition, to the fun family centers, we were able to try some good old Texas food at a restaurant called Smokin’ Texas Gourmet. I always loved traveling to Keller, Texas because they are full of diverse restaurants. Take time to research more information about this city by searching the Chamber of Commerce.

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